Throughout history, authors have composed verse and stories to celebrate their sexuality. They have created erotic art to delight their senses and to comment on their cultures. Today, Folump Enterprises is pleased to present a series of erotica that is both tasteful and entertaining. Stories from our Erotica series include tales about the actual historical eras, translations of period erotica and tales set during modern reenactments. All view-points and tastes, from the kinky to the vanilla, from het to queer are featured. Stories do not feature sexual violence or non-consensual sex unless otherwise noted. All stories, if modern and appropriate, feature safer sex practices.

If you are over 18 and value good erotica, we hope that you will take the time to peruse our wares. If you are under 18 or offended by the frank portrayal of human sexuality, please feel free to look away from this back to our collections of humor, adventure and children's stories instead!


mf (Male-Female); mmf (Male-Male-Female); mff (Male-Female-Female); mmff (Male-Male-Female-Female); mm (Male-Male); ff (Female-Female); sm (Bondage, Domination and Sado-Masochism); gs (Group Sex); ve (Voyeurism & Exhibition); bm (Body-Modifications); fc (Fetish Clothing); fa (Fetish Activities); tv (transvestitism)


            MOE 1 (4 stories) mf; mf; mf; mmf

            MOE 2 (8 stories) mf; mf; mf; mf; mff ve; mff gs; mf

            MOE 3 (4 stories) mf; mff; mf; mf

            MOE 4 (4 stories) mf; mf; mf; mmf gs

            MOE 5 (5 stories) mf; mf sm; mf ve; mff sm; mf

            MOE 6 (5 stories) mmf; mf ve; mf; mff ve; mff gs

            MOE 7 (5 stories) mf sm; mff; mf; mff gs; mff gs

            MOE 8 (5 stories) mf; mff fa; mf; mmff gs; mf

            MOE 9 (3 stories) mf; fmm gs; mff sm

            MOE 10: Dragonsmut (3 stories) mf; mmff gs; mmff gs ve;

            MOE 11 (4 stories) mf; mf ve; mf; mff gs

            MOE 12: Clarissa's Story (1 story) mff sm

            MOE 13 (3 stories) mff sm; mf; mf ve

            MOE 14 (5 stories) mf; mf; mf; mf; mff gs

            MOE 15 (2 stories) mf bm; ff

            MOE 16: The Ties That Bind (5 stories) mf sm; mf sm; mf sm; mf sm; mff sm

            MOE 17 (4 stories) mff; mmff gs; mf; mf

            MOE 18 (5 stories) mmff gs; mff ve; mf; mf ve; mf

            MOE 19 (4 stories) mff gs; mmf gs; mf ve; mmff gs sm

            MOE 20 (4 stories) mff gs; mf; mff; ; mff gs

            MOE 21 (5 stories) mf; mf ve; mmf gs; mf; mff sm

            MOE 22: Torn Betwen two Lovers (1 story) mff

            MOE 23: Dragonsmut II (4 stories) ff; mff gs; mff gs; mff gs

            MOE 24 (3 stories) mmff; mf ve; mff

            MOE 25: Fantasies (16 stories) mf; ff; mff bm; mf; mf ve; mf; mf; mm; mf; mff; mf; mff gs; mmf; mf; mff sm; mf

            MOE 26 (4 stories) mff; mf; mf sm; mf

            MOE 27 (3 stories) mff ve; mf sm; mff gs

            MOE 28: Rhea-Nactor (4 stories) mf; mff sm; ff ve; mff sm

            MOE 29: Wartime Romance & Lust (2 stories) mf; mff sm

            MOE 30: Rhea-nactor Returns (6 stories) mff; mff gs; ff bm; mf; mff sm gs

            MOE 31: Touch of the Útlagi (1 story) mf

            MOE 32 (2 stories) mff sm; mf ve

            MOE 33 (3 stories) mff sm; mf gs; mf

            MOE 34: Youthful Indiscretions (2 stories) mf fa; mmf

            MOE 35: Bouquet (2 stories) ff fc; mf; mf ve

            MOE 36: ‘Nilla (4 stories) mf; mf ve; mf; mf

            MOE 37 (3 stories) mmff gs sm; mf; mff gs

            MOE 38: Trysts, Storms & Passion (5 stories) mf; mf; mf; mf; mff sm

            MOE 39 (3 stories) mf; mf; mf fa

            MOE 40 (4 stories) mf; mf ve; mf fa; mf

            MOE 41: Pagan Lust (4 stories) mff gs; mff gs sm; mf; mff gs

            MOE 42 (4 stories) mf fa; mff gs; mf sm; mff gs ve

            MOE 43: From the Spigot (1 story) mmff gs sm

            MOE 44 (2 story) mff; mff bm sm;

            MOE 45: Knight Errant - For Hire (1 story) mff gs

            MOE 46: (3 stories) mf; mf; mff gs sm

            MOE 47: (3 stories) mff sm; mf sm; mf

            MOE 48: (3 stories) mmf fa; mf sm; mmff gs sm ve

            MOE 49: (3 stories) mf; mf; mf ff fc

            MOE 50: (2 stories) mff sm ve; mff gs sm

            MOE 51: An Apprentice's Job Is Never Done (3 stories) mff sm; mff sm gs; ff sm fc

            MOE 52: Spicy Hot Vanilla (4 stories) mf; mf, ve; mf, ve; mf

            MOE 53: Two Are Company (3 stories) mmff, gs, sm; mmff, gs; mmff, gs, sm


Reenactors Own Erotica 54 (3 Stories) AWIR mf, sm; Renn mf; ACW ff mf gs tr

Reenactors Own Erotica 55 (2 Stories) American Frontier mf; 16C mf ff gs sm

Reenactors Own Erotica 56: Pilgrimage of Lust (1 story) medieval mf, ff, sm

Reenactors Own Erotica 57—(3 stories) 19C mf; 19C mf, ve; 19C Dime Novel mf, mfm, ff, sm, ve

Reenactors Own Erotica 58— (3 stories) Pennsic mf; 14C mf; 18C mff, ve, fa


            MGE 1 (2 stories) mm; mm ve

            MGE 2 (4 stories) mm; mm; mm; mm ve

            MGE 3 (5 stories) mm; mm; mm; gs; mm,,,

            MGE 4 (5 stories) mm fa; mm; mm fa; mm; mm gs

            MGE 5 (5 stories) mm gs sm; mm; mm sm; mm


            MLE 1 (2 stories) ff gs; ff

            MLE 2 (6 stories) ff fa; ff sm; ff; ff sm; ff; ff fa

            MLE 3 (4 stories) ff sm; ff; ff bm; ff

            MLE 4 (3 stories) ff; ff; ff gs sm

            MLE 5 (2 stories) ff; ff

            MLE 6: Jessi's Diary (1 story) ff gs

            MLE 7 (3 stories) ff; ff ve; ff sm

            MLE 8 (2 stories) ff sm; ff

Dark Thoughts: a Celebration ($5)

Prose & Poetry about bdsm. Illustrated.

The Gallant Adventures of Robin Hood Volumes I, II and III ($6 apiece; all 3 for $15) by Orlando Ambrosius

Erotic tales of Rob and his outlaws, done in the style of Pyle. Illustrated.

Gallant Tales & Voluptuous Diversions: The Best of Medievalists Own Erotica ($10)

Selected Favorite Stories plus two original stories. Square bound paperback, 144 pages

For the Entertainment of Military Gentlemen ($5)

Collection of Bawdy Prose & Verse from the 18th Century

Guide to Better Sex at Living-History Events ($5) by Damin & Serafina de Folo

Practical hints for a more satisfying love life during camping events

Hefnendr: Blood Feud ($6) by Hroar Fornisson

Blood feud in Viking-Age Iceland, with violence, both sexual and nonsexual

The M&Ms: Complete Adventures ($6) by Saffron

The lives and loves of two woman in the Current Middle Ages

In Praise of Poly: Arguments for the Acceptance of Polyamory ($4) by F.L. and Julie Watkins

Short Introduction to non-monogamous lifestyle

Norse Nookie ($5)

The true and unexpurgated story of how America was discovered by Lief Ericsson, with a staid cover that will keep folks from knowing that you're reading smut

Tied and True: An Introduction to the World of BDSM ($8) by Folo & Scarlet

Informal introduction to many aspects of the bdsm subculture, illustrated, with references. Second Edition